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Meaux-Chauconin: the envelope addressed to an inmate and containing telephones bore a lawyer’s stamp

When the prison guards of Meaux-Chauconin understood that the envelope arrived by post – addressed to an inmate – contained mobile phones, they were very annoyed. And for good reason: on the cover was the stamp of a law firm. No question therefore, for officials, to open the missive, protected by professional secrecy. It was in January 2021. The judicial police of Meaux had immediately been seized of the investigation by the prosecution of Meaux.

The investigations of the Banditry Repression Group led – Thursday – to the placement in police custody of the famous detainee, who is serving a sentence in the Meaux-Chauconin penitentiary center. In the meantime, the lawyer concerned had been heard in free hearing by the investigators. She had confirmed that the stamp was a fake and that the inmate in question was not even her client. Inside the envelope, which was eventually opened, were three cell phones and their chargers.

Release date expected in 2024

This 29-year-old man was to be tried in immediate appearance, this Friday, for “complicity in the irregular delivery of objects and complicity in identity theft”, by the Meaux criminal court. But due to the overload of hearing, the judges decided from the outset to postpone the case to November 14. The young man – whose criminal record includes several convictions – was placed under a warrant of committal pending trial.

A precaution which may seem “superfluous”, according to the qualifier used by the president of the court herself. And this, because of the criminal situation of this detainee, already imprisoned for another case. He was indeed sentenced – in 2015 – by the Val-de-Marne minors’ assize court to ten years’ imprisonment for murder. His release date from prison is set for December 2024.



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