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Meeting with a lawyer for college students

Neronds. Meeting with a lawyer for college students. The National Bar Council, in partnership with the Ministry of National Education and Youth, last Tuesday organized the fifth year of Law Day in colleges.

As part of this operation, whose theme this year was Are we all equal before the law? Jérôme Riffault, the principal of the Julien-Dumas college, welcomed lawyer Bénédicte de Choulot on Tuesday.

It was with a class of 4th then 3rd that the latter intervened with, to begin the sessions, a general introduction to the law, as well as the role of the lawyer and the judge.

Then, Bénédicte de Choulot spoke about harassment and sexism in their various forms.

Then in groups of four or five, the college students put themselves in the shoes of a lawyer after having worked on different cases proposed by the lawyer.




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