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Meeting with Emeline Broussard, the last lawyer registered at the bar of Guéret (Creuse)

Many young lawyers coming out of school settle in urban courts. But Emeline Broussard, she chose the Creuse. “I am from the county. It seemed obvious to me to come here. It’s at home, “says the last registered at the bar of Guéret, which she joined on January 1, 2022.

Closer to the lives of litigants

The culmination of a long course which, at first glance, did not direct him specifically to the benches of the court. After a master’s degree in international and European criminal law, then a thesis in public law devoted to armed organizations and the International Criminal Court, defended in Limoges, she joined the Poitiers law school. Before obtaining his Certificate of Aptitude for the Profession of Lawyer (CAPA).

I have long said that I wanted to become a prosecutor. Then I thought about it and finally opted for a lawyer. Especially because we are close to people’s lives. You have to love them in their diversity to do this job, including their darkest sides

Emeline Broussard (lawyer at the bar of Guéret)

The 32-year-old continues: “We are often a little more than a lawyer, but also a bit of a shrink or a social worker…”.

Especially since the one who is also on the list of lawyers who can be appointed officially often touches the distress that concerns many inhabitants of the court. “We are faced with great insecurity and quite frequent alcoholism among people. This often emerges from the records. It’s sometimes a little The stunner “, slips this collaborator of the Guérétois law firm of Me Muriel Nougès.

A taste of the “challenge”

Attentive, energetic and particularly comfortable speaking, Me Broussard willingly lends his voice to his clients in court. By pleading without note and with a certain taste for challenge. “There is a “challenge” side to this job that I appreciate. But also an intellectual aspect. You have to work on different subjects, keeping abreast of legislative developments, while giving a presentable and understandable form to the files,” she specifies.

Domestic violence, sexual violence, theft, but also neighborhood disputes… Me Broussard has intervened in a wide variety of cases since the beginning of the year. And his training in public law naturally encourages him to defend or advise local authorities and civil servants.

In short, the one who has already worked on fifty files obviously does not have time to get bored in Creuse. “We are not short of work. There will always be delinquents, people who separate, people who are dissatisfied with their communities,” comments the lawyer. Then concludes: “As long as there are conflicts, there will be lawyers. »

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