Meuse. To buy a motorhome, “people are ready to pay a fortune”

 Meuse.  To buy a motorhome,

For Nadia Battay, the manager of the Lorraine Camping-Car company founded in July 2017 in Dommary-Baroncourt, buying a new motorhome today is “command operation”. Because in addition to a growing enthusiasm for these vehicles, it is necessary to count on waiting times that have become stratospheric (up to 18 months) due to problems with dealer supply. And again you will have to buy what is available because these limit dealers like Lorraine motorhome.

“For 2023 we had no choice, we were able to order only two Fiats, people will have to fall back on Ford”, reveals Nadia Battay. “And what’s more, we are not guaranteed the prices”, emphasizes Philippe Angenori, the workshop manager. “At Rimor this year I wanted to order 25, they only allowed me to order 12! notes Nadia Battay.

And when a new vehicle is available, people are ready to come from far and wide to pick it up, like this Fiat stored in the garage that a Lyonnais bought. New vehicles whose prices have increased by an average of €12,000 in one year.

Used at new price

Unable to buy new, customers therefore fall back on used cars. “It’s gone crazy, people are ready to pay a fortune! Today, the professional explains that customers who bought their vehicle 5 years ago are reselling it for the same price today and sometimes even more! “Today motorhomes no longer discount! The world is turning upside down,” exclaims Nadia Battay. A phenomenon that has lasted for two years. And therefore coincides with the health crisis. Because if the first year, the dealers had stock, since the sector is stretched to the limit.

The motorhome for living

Covid and its lockdowns have really awakened many people’s dreams of freedom. “We even saw several couples in their sixties selling their houses and living in motorhomes”. Or this couple left with their two children aged 8 and 10, “remote work makes things easier”, stresses Philippe Angenori, as today you can be both nomadic and work. But beware, this lifestyle is not for everyone and Nadia Battay has also seen couples sell on their vehicle after a year. For those who, on the contrary, like it, they “go upmarket” for greater comfort.

On the rental side, it does not change, “it still works as well, we could add 5 more so it would be the same”, emphasizes Nadia Battay, who puts 8 new vehicles on rent between April and November before selling them on finally . “And they are already sold out in advance! »


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