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Millions of French ready to resell their Christmas presents

Published 25 Dec 2022 at 11:40 am

According to the annual barometer carried out by eBay in collaboration with Kantar, the French are more and more likely to resell their Christmas presents. This holiday season marks a peak for the e-commerce platform, which this year expects 3 million new ads published in France between December 25 and January 3, 2023. According to the estimates of the barometer, which is based on a representative sample of 40.8 million French in aged 16 to 64, and out of an average of 1.2 unwanted gifts, almost 50 million packages will not give satisfaction (10 million more than 5 years), and 17% of the affected population, or 7 million people, who have to intention to resell these unwanted goods (500,000 more than last year). According to another barometer, this one conducted by Rakuten with Ipsos, it would even be 27% who would be ready to shop.

Receiving a duplicate toy or an item of clothing in the wrong size is the most common situation that leads to parting with the product. “Just like buying used or third-hand items for Christmas, reselling gifts is a way to protect your purchasing power, but also to participate in a circular, responsible economy” emphasizes Sarah Tayeb, Deputy Managing Director of eBay in France.

The role of platforms

“In light of the current societal, environmental and economic contexts, we expect an increase in the resale rate of gifts. For the French, who are seeing their purchasing power erode, this is a significant gain. Our barometer confirms the place and the essential role of online platforms, which enable this resale in a fast and secure way” affirms Fabien Versavau, CEO of Rakuten France.

If offering used gifts at Christmas is an increasingly accepted practice (52% of the French), resale is also becoming part of French habits. In 5 years, the number of people who resell their gifts has thus increased by 5 points (12 to 17%).

336 million euros reinvested

The resale of the gifts would thus represent more than 336 million euros re-introduced into the economy, according to eBay. A practice more or less accepted depending on the territory. The most disappointed are the residents of Ile-de-France, with an average of 2.2 unwanted gifts. On the contrary, the inhabitants of Centre-Val-de-Loire are among the most satisfied with only 0.5 disappointing gifts. And if three-quarters of the inhabitants of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes accept this practice, on the contrary, 43% of Normans regard it with reluctance.

Among the best-selling gifts this year are decorative items, consoles (PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc.), phones and speakers, video games (Pokemon Violet, Fifa 23, Arcade Games, etc.), toys (miniature vehicles, Monopoly). , Star Wars derivatives, Playmobil, Lego, board games, etc.), books (including Goncourt Vivre vite and Médicis The Thirteenth Hour -…), comics (Le monde sans fin, L’Arabe du future 6, Mortelle Adèle , Manga, etc.), CDs (Midnights by Taylor Swift, Multitude by Stomae, Heart by Clara Luciani, Civilization by Orelsan, etc.), DVDs (Harry Potter or “What do we a fait au Dieu”) and perfumes ( Prada, Eau Sauvage by Dior, Hugo Boss Bottled).



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