Minimum 15 euros for an Uber ride: the drivers are ready

An unprecedented discussion is currently underway between the major VTC platforms such as Uber, Bolt and Heetch and the representatives of the drivers. This dialogue, which is the completion of a project that the French government wants, will be held until December. It will probably determine the future of transport vehicles with drivers in France.

Are Ubers getting more expensive than taxis?

And with good reason, in addition to discussions about working conditions and social security, there is another important item on the agenda: the remuneration of drivers. In order to achieve an increase in their income, the latter requires an increase in the minimum price per trip. It is currently between 6 and 10 euros depending on the service, but the demand today is to increase it to 15 euros.

Quoted by The ParisianArnaud Desdonner, secretary of the VTC Association of France, claims: “ When we remove the commission from the platform and our expenses, there is not much left. Of the 7.20 euros from Uber, for example, only 3.50 euros remain in the driver’s pocket! »

As you can imagine, this idea does not sit well with companies in the sector. Like Uber, which warns: “ We need to find the most reasonable price to improve the income of the self-employed and remain attractive “.

For his part, Hugues Le Chevallier, general manager of Heetch France, warns: ” We want every platform to raise its prices. But if we increase too much, we will find ourselves in a context where we would no longer be competitive. The French will then be more interested in taking a taxi rather than a VTC “.

It is true that with 15 euros per race, VTC would lose a competitive advantage over taxis, whose minimum price today is 7.30 euros, our colleagues clarify. The representatives of the drivers take this position and consider that VTCs would thus regain a premium status and would no longer be perceived as ” low cost taxi “.

Another solution could be to find a compromise by choosing a minimum rate of 10 euros. But there is no doubt that the discussions are likely to become lively during the month of November between the various actors involved.

It is interesting to remember that a few days ago Uber announced that it wanted to strengthen its advertising efforts. Advertisements will thus be posted on board taxis and on their application.

Andrew Macdonald, head of mobility at Uber, said Financial Times that advertising will be a means of reducing travel costs without having to cut into the drivers’ income.


By: Uber Technologies

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