Monday, November 28, 2022
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Monday morning news

At a meeting in the Ministry of Labour, employers’ organizations and trade unions will be informed about the new system, which should be based on a graduation of the duration of the compensation.

War in Ukraine: liberated, the city of Kherson is now under Russian shells

“We survived the occupation, we will survive the bombings”, testifies a resident of this liberated zone, but now regularly targeted by Russian forces.

Returning children of jihadists: These young people adapt well once they are sent home, HRW estimates

The NGO Human Rights Watch conducted an investigation in several countries. It shows that the return of jihadist children is going “very well” or “fairly well”.

Presidency of the LR: Ciotti, Pradié, Retailleau, the three candidates compete this Monday in a debate

The three Republican presidential candidates are at LCI this Monday night for their only televised debate before the Dec. 3 vote.

Black Friday: beware of fakes, manufacturers warn



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