Money questions. Legal protection insurance, what is it for?

The legal protection insurance provides support, both informational and financial, to the insured in the event of a dispute with a neighbour, shop owner or otherwise. It provides access to legal advice and covers the costs associated with handling a dispute: legal fees, ancillary costs intended to pay bailiffs and other experts. It also reimburses the legal costs.

No responsibility

Legal protection insurance can be brought into play when it is the insured who files a lawsuit for damage he believes he has suffered. For example, in a neighborhood dispute or with a supplier.

This insurance can also be requested when proceedings are brought against the insured. He can thus be defended by a lawyer. This warranty does not cover civil liability: it cannot be used to repair damage caused to a third party.

Variable expenses

Legal protection insurance is most often integrated into another insurance contract: car or multi-risk home, as an optional guarantee. It then only covers the scope of the main contract. Some credit card contracts also offer this guarantee. It can be taken out in a specific contract with a variable cost depending on the insurance company and the scope of the services.

Before signing up, it is necessary to check the scope of the intervention, the minimum and maximum amounts for handling disputes, the geographical limits and the waiting periods (at the time of signature and between two covered disputes).

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