Montpellier: homeless people let their dogs go, employees barricade themselves in the grocery store

Montpellier: homeless people let their dogs go, employees barricade themselves in the grocery store

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Carrefour city on rue Saint-Guilhem: the homeless squat opposite (© Metropolitan)

Incredibly violent scene at Montpellier : Saturday between 7.00 and 8.00, a homeless couple unleashed his dogs on employees of a grocery store de l’Écusson, to recover stolen items. They were forced to barricade themselves. Story.

Saturday shortly after the morning opening Crossroads City rue Saint-Guilhem, between the prefecture of Hérault and the boulevard du Jeu-de-Paume, a couple of young homeless people appeared to shop: these young homeless people are very well known for begging regularly in the neighborhood, especially in front of the supermarket, where they are very aggressive about for traders, customers and pedestrians, and as manager and employees have already had a lot to do with. However, both, who were discreetly monitored, stole products that did not escape the employees.

The stolen was recovered, not without difficulty, because the homeless handled the employees to take them back. When they saw that they could not, they voluntarily let their dogs loose on them, who are never muzzled. “My employees were traumatized because they still remember the scene from last year when these dogs cruelly bit my leg. They had no other solution but to seek refuge in the convenience store and barricade themselves. They alerted me immediately, I informed the emergency police and I moved,” says Florian Brione, the manager of Carrefour City.

“An operator of 17, the emergency number for police assistance replied that there was no patrol available, we managed the situation, fortunately everyone is unharmed, but this homeless couple is still at large in the city center and dares to mock us. I decided not to file a complaint at the police station, it’s useless, next time I wouldn’t wait any longer to be robbed and bitten by a stray dog ​​again to defend my business and my employees,” warns Florian Brione who has decided to arm themselves.

Metropolitan requested this Tuesday the department head of the national police to get a version of the facts, we await a return.

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