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Morbihan: a person is bitten by a dog, the town hall gives a robbery

A dog bit a person on Saturday 7 January 2023 in the town of Larré (Morbihan). ©Pixabay

“Keep your dog on a leash!” This is what the announcement from the municipality reads Larry (Morbihan), town between Vannes and Redon (Ille-et-Vilaine). One person was bitten Saturday 7 January 2023.

“A beautiful hematoma”

“We remind once again that dogs must be kept on a leash outside the city as well, and especially on the hiking trails frequented by hikers,” says the municipality on Facebook.

An incident actually happened last Saturday:

We have just received, in the town hall, a person who was attacked on Saturday on the Noë des Dames circuit (towards the village of Hospitalet). The dog left him with a bite mark and a nice bruise and no apology from the dog’s owner. It could have had much more serious consequences if it had been a child. Be careful !

Town hall in Larré

Contacted twice, the Vannes Gendarmerie Company told us have not received a complaint regarding this matter.

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