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More than 44,000 animals cared for in 2022 by SPA, especially cats

The organization also laments the increase in the abandonment of new pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.), a 34% increase since 2019.

The SPA took care of 44,199 abandoned animals in 2022, nearly equaling a record in 2019, including 27,940 cats, it told AFP on Monday. In addition to small cats, last year Animal Protection housed 13,373 dogs, 160 ungulates and 2,726 new pets or NACs (rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, etc.) and domestic animals in its 63 shelters and SPA houses.

On the adoption side, 41,186 animals found a new owner, including 26,024 cats, 12,646 dogs and 2,389 NAC. This is'”a near-record number of adoptions in 2019 and a 2.6% increase over 2021“, SPA said in a press release.

Fight the “animal object”

SPA is also concerned about having to deal with a new difficulty in recent years, namely dogs with special needs. They represent about 20% of its inhabitants, and it is difficult to entrust them to masters without experience.

The acquisition of certain fashionable dogs with specific needs (such as the Australian shepherd, the Belgian shepherd, the Malinois, the American Staffordshire terrier…) requires special knowledge and attention, which not all masters are able to respond to.“. Animal advocates also lament the increase in NAC euthanasia, a 34% increase since 2019.

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These favorite animals are the very embodiment of the struggle against the animal object», estimates the SPA, which «campaigns for the law on animal cruelty, which from 2024 prohibits the sale of dogs and cats in pet shops, to be extended to include these animals“.

This activity report suggests an important year in 2023 in terms of challenges to be met. The fear of the consequences of inflation on the resources of the SPA – which lives only on the generosity of the public – and on the activity of the shelters is present“, worries Jacques-Charles Fombonne, its president.

The year 2022 has also been intense on the animal cruelty front. The SPA processed 23,800 reports in 2022, an increase of 52%.

In order to fulfill this mission, SPA has in particular recruited more than 250 investigative delegates to strengthen the territorial network. SPA’s legal departments for animal protection and investigations were thus able to save 4,400 mistreated animals.





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