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more than three million displaced by 2022 due to natural disasters

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters were responsible for millions more displacements of people in 2022, reports Associated Press.

At least 3.3 million people were forced from their homes in 2022 on American soil due to natural disasters that hit the country throughout the year, according to a United States Census Bureau study released by the news agency Associated Press.

Of these 3.3 million displaced adults, more than a third left their homes for less than seven days. But one in six residents never returned home, according to the study.

400,000 people are displaced in Louisiana

The most affected state in 2022 is Florida, where one million people were affected, especially by Hurricane Ian. This hurricane hit the southeastern United States and Cuba and alone caused more than a hundred deaths and at least $100 billion in damage.

Just over 400,000 people in Louisiana have also been forced from their homes this year by natural disasters. Associated Press however, notes that the hurricane season was fairly “quiet” in this state in 2022.

The study by the United States Census Bureau also lists the areas where population displacements related to climatic disasters have been least numerous. These are Maine, Indiana, North Dakota and Oklahoma.



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