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Moroccan exporters of strawberries and raspberries ready to supply Europe

After a long summer period in Europe, which delayed the end of the European strawberry and raspberry season, Moroccan exporters now expect the market to stabilise.

Mehdi Benchekroun, CEO of exporter DMB & CO, says: “We have no intention of competing with European domestic production, as this requires huge operating costs. We are waiting for the depletion of domestic supply to take its place in the market. »

While some large Moroccan producers start exporting earlier, these are companies that bear more costs or have already made large investments in distribution channels. Benchekroun reassures: “Despite this, we will always have our place in the market. Europe experiences constant demand all year round. »

The Moroccan exporter has customers in traditional markets such as Saint Charles, Rungis and Frankfurt. “Our market in Europe is doing well and has the capacity to absorb our offers. But we sometimes encounter payment problems. In the past we have been forced to sell at open price to the highest bidder, and we will avoid that in future seasons. Therefore, we want we to diversify our markets and turn to the east, towards Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. »

The exporter relies on a large network of producers in Larache and Moulay Bousselhem, a region known for producing red fruits, offering the most popular varieties and sizes of strawberries and raspberries.

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