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Morocco-AfDB: two loans of 3.1 billion dirhams to finance grain cultivation and social security programs

Two loan agreements from the African Development Bank (AfDB) were signed on Monday 7 November to finance the following two programmes:

– The Support Program for the Competitive and Resilient Development of Cereals (PADCRC), amounting to 199 million euros (approx. 2.16 billion DH) :

The aim of this program is to contribute to the implementation of reforms aimed at developing the productivity and resilience of cereal production to guarantee food security and reduce dependence on cereal imports.

– The support program for the generalization of social security (PAGCS), of approx 87 million euros (approx. 944 million DH) :

It aims to support the priority project of generalization of social protection, in particular support for achieving universal health coverage, expansion of the pension system, generalization of child benefits and improvement of governance and the efficiency of the social protection system.

The loan agreements were signed at the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s headquarters in Rabat by Fouzi Lekjaathe ministerial delegate responsible for the budget, Ashraf Tarsimresident representative of the African Development Bank Country Office in Rabat, in the presence of Mohammad SadikiMinister for Agriculture, Sea Fisheries, Rural Development, Waters and Forests, and Khalid Ait TalebMinister of Health and Social Affairs.



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