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My cat meows at night, what should I do? Here is the answer from the experts

The truth is that it is a funny sight to see a cat meowing in different ways. But clearly hearing them meow occasionally during the day is not the same as hearing them meow frequently at night.

If you want to be quiet, you must first find out why your cat meows and then what you can do to stop it.

Why do cats meow?

Experts claim to cats is able to emit more than 60 different meows, with different meanings, depending on their duration, intensity and intonation. By meowing, our cats try to satisfy their physical and emotional needs, but also to show us their affection.

In fact, their jabbing perhaps giving us a warning signal to be aware of them. Cats also use meowing to communicate with their kittens, who are able to distinguish its voice from that of other mothers.

In general, they meow louder for other cats and softer for their masters. But since every cat is different, there are cats that barely meow and others, like the extroverted Siamese, whose penchant for vocalization has earned them a reputation as talkers.

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What to do to avoid nocturnal meows?

To stop your cat from meowing at night, you need to know Exactly what is wrong with him. Observe not only his meows, but also his body language.

Your cat may meow for a variety of reasons. Here are some most common causes:

She is in term

If you have an unsterilized cat, it may meow, constant and jerk, to attract awareness cats around it.

On the other hand, unneutered neighborhood cats will meow in response to requests from female cats in heat. In these cases, the conflict can be easily resolved by neutering the cat.


A series of meow can simply indicate that your cat is hungry. If you want to remedy this situationremember that the order and regularity of the meals is crucial for cats to acquire habits that facilitate a good night’s sleep.

The ideal is to put one every hour to fill their bowls with food and water. This way your cat will get into the routine of fetching food at the times you have specified and not at your odd times. However, it is good to leave water and some food at night if he wakes up hungry.

Feeling of thirst

It is rare that your cat wakes you up meowing because he is thirsty, because the water bowl must always be full. However, we can forget to fill the water bowl before going to bed. To avoid forgetting, it is good to write down somewhere as a daily task: fill the cat’s bowl with water.

Don’t forget that hydration is essential for cats, especially in hot weather.

Their litter box is dirty

The cats are clean to the point of refusing to urinate or defecate in a dirty litter box.

Remember this because night, he may meow to ask you to clean his bowl so he can use it properly. If you don’t want to be woken up, throw away Simply a look at their litter box before you go to bed. If it is error free, Sleep well !

Human and feline empathy

Finally, we would like to point out importance pay attention to meows and body language of our cats.

That’s what we call empathythe same empathy that felines have when they catch the state of mind peopledepending on the tone, volume and intensity of our voice.

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