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Neglected for months, 2 dogs finally get a fresh start after their master’s conviction

For a year and the death of the wife of their owner, 2 Shih Tzu lived in the most total neglect, without care, deprived of water and food for days. Rescued and placed in a foster family, they can now be adopted after the sentence pronounced against their former master.

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The ordeal of 2 dogs neglected and left to themselves had ended with the intervention of the association Stephane Lamart last year. Recently, their former owner was tried and sentenced, allowing them to be adopted. A story told by 76News.

The defendant lives Yvetot, in Seine-Maritime. He had been the subject of a report following which theStephane Lamart Association had dispatched an investigator in March 2021. The latter thus noted that the 2 Shih Tzus lived in very poor conditions. They were left outside permanently, in a garden littered with droppings and urine. They had neither shelter nor bedding worthy of the name.

Cachectic, unidentified and without health records, the dogs had to endure days of food and water deprivation, while their coats were very dirty, matted and populated with parasites from the lack of maintenance. A situation from which they had suffered for a year and which had probably started with the death of their master’s spouse.

A macabre discovery had also been made in this garden, that of the corpse of a 3e dog. The autopsy carried out by a veterinarian revealed the presence of a 40 cm long piece of tissue in his stomach. He had no chance of surviving the entrapment caused by this foreign body, hunger and extreme neglect.

After their rescue, the 2 survivors were taken care of by theStephane Lamart Association. The latter announced on its website the conviction of their former owner, pronounced on June 7, 2022 after his appearance before the police court of Rouen 2 months earlier.

Stephane Lamart Association

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Several hundred euros in fines, dogs adopted by their foster families

He was therefore sentenced to a fine of 150 euros per dog for having deprived them of care, as well as another of 35 euros per animal because he had not had them identified. Civil party, theStephane Lamart Association will be paid, by the defendant, the sum of 500 euros in damages, as well as 300 euros in legal costs.

The Shih Tzus have been doing much better since then. Placed in a foster family, they could not be adopted until the court had decided. Now that it’s done, their new life can officially begin, and it’s most likely their temporary home that will become theirs for life.

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