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net income reaches its highest level in 5 years (ACAPS)

This improvement benefited both direct insurance companies and exclusive reinsurance companies, ACAPS shows in a document on the situation of the insurance and reinsurance sector for the first half of 2022, which specifies that with 2.6 billion dirhams, the net income of direct insurance companies increased by 11.3 % against 21.3% a year earlier.

As for exclusive reinsurance companies, they saw their net income jump by 223.3% to 288.7 million dirhams (MDH), which comes after a significant decline of 50.5% recorded in the first half of 2021, the same source reports.

Furthermore, the document highlights that the good results of technical and financial activities in the first six months of the current year resulted in an improvement of the capital of insurance and reinsurance companies.

These reached 451 billion dirhams, an increase of 1.2% compared to the end of 2021. This improvement concerned both direct insurers (41.7 billion dirhams, +1.1%) and excluding reinsurance companies (3.4 billion dirhams). , +2.3%).




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