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Nevada, between deserts, lakes and Las Vegas

Nevada generally rhymes with Las Vegas. Even if “Sin City” is inescapable, the State of the American West is not limited to the “city of sin”. And Vegas itself is not limited to the Strip, this impressive boulevard where the big hotels and casinos line up.

The state is primarily a arid region. Pacific air masses struggle to pass the mountains. With major water demands for cities like Las Vegas, irrigation, plus massive evaporation caused by drought and global warming, the situation there is dramatic.

The level of the lakes bears witness to this drying up: Lake Powell, Lake Mead, but also Lake Tahoe. This high altitude freshwater lake, at nearly 1,900m, is located near the mountains. This popular place is regularly used as a film set, as in Top Gun: Maverick In the Godfather 2by Francis Ford Coppola, the Corleone family owns a house there.

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