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New start for a dog kept in a cage for years and rescued by an association

For most of his life, Uncle Rodger knew only confinement and isolation. An association rescued this dog from his ordeal and is now helping him make up for lost time in the hope that one day he can taste family happiness.

Uncle Rodger is a 6 year old Chinese Crested Dog. Until the intervention of RSPCA, his life was sad and depressing. He was permanently locked in a cage, from which he was only taken out once a day for a short walk in the garden, says Mirror.

Other dogs suffered the same fate on the property. Everyone was in their cage and there was almost no contact between them. Because of this, Uncle Rodger did not get along with his peers.

Stored and cared for RSPCAhe arrived at the shelter Ashley Heath Animal Centre located in Dorseta county in southern England.

Illustration of the article: A new start for a dog kept in a cage for years and rescued by an association

The staff at the reception facility immediately set about helping the dog regain his confidence and receive the training, socialization and affection he was deprived of.

Uncle Rodger gradually learned to appreciate people despite his difficult past. The volunteers realized that he was more motivated by the encouragement than by the food. The Chinese Crested loves it when people tell him he’s a good boy. His eyes light up and his ears perk up as soon as he hears these magical words.

“He deserves a special one”

He was taught how to rappel, wearing a muzzle, and he lives up to his name perfectly. He becomes more and more loving and develops day by day.

ByAshley Heath Animal Centrewe are convinced of thatUncle Rodger has everything to make an excellent companion. The association is looking for an experienced adopter who is able to give him all the attention he needs and continue his education.

Roger had a difficult life. He deserves a special someone who will have enough time and love to give him. “, says the organization.



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