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New video of Dmitri The Blind Cat reveals adorable morning ritual he shares with his human

Every morning, the owner of Dmitri, a cat deprived of his eyes, is entitled to the most tender treatment from him. The complicity that unites the cat with its mistress is particularly moving to watch. It is no coincidence that millions of Internet users follow the duo on social networks.

Emma Pelkiewicz offered home, love and security to Dmitri when this cat needed it most and he never forgets it. The gratitude that the twin who has gone blind feels towards him, he expresses it daily, and their cooperation only grows stronger every day.

We already told you about this adorable duo at the start of 2022. The tabby cat roamed the streets inAthens, in Greece, and was in very bad shape. He suffered from a serious eye infection.

The vets had no choice but to remove his eyes to save his life. Subsequently, a British animal welfare association took him in and found him as an adoptive parent.

Emma PelkiewiczWho lives Londonwas” fell in love with him by visiting him. She remembered how Dmitrirubbed against [son] foot when [elle était] came into the room “. She knew then that she had to adopt him.

Article illustration: A new video of blind cat Dmitri reveals the adorable morning ritual he shares with his human
@blind_cat_dmitri / TikTok

Since then, the tabby cat has led a happy and fulfilling life. Blindness has in no way affected his joy in life. She only highlighted her loving side.

Millions of admirers

This is what we can realize by discovering the videos of him on TikTokthe account dedicated to him is followed by 2.6 million subscribers.

Released on July 14, one of these sequences is particularly moving. Forwarded by Parade petsit shows how Dmitri comes to greet his mistress every morning.


He is such a hug bug ???? #blind cat

? take a moment to breathe. – normal child

Led by the voice of his benefactor, the cat jumps onto the bed and joins her for a long and adorable hug.

In another video, uploaded 6 days earlier and amassing 8.4 million views, Dmitri calls his human to meow, then falls peacefully asleep in his arms.

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I feel safe when mom is around?? #blindkat #cattok #meow

? original sound – Sarah Cothran



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