News – How do you insure your motorcycle in winter?

In winter, the climatic conditions force most motorcyclists to park their machine or to ride much less. Insurance companies have therefore introduced winter cover to help motorcyclists. Also known as seasonal insurance, winter insurance provides protection to your motorcycle and reduces its warranties during the winter period. As a result, the insurance premium is adjusted down. So how do you insure your motorcycle in winter?

Subscribe to third-party coverage

Although some motorcyclists do not ride their machine during the winter period, motorcycle insurance is still required at all times. This provision also applies to drivers of motorized land vehicles. In fact, Article L122-1 of the Insurance Code mandates coverage for two- and three-wheeled motorcycles, quadricycles, cars (with or without a license). To this list is added the ride-on lawnmower equipped with a seat so that the user can guide the machine.

Different formulas are available for motorcyclists, and the guarantees in winter are similar to those applicable to a traditional two-wheeler insurance lease. Third party insurance is the recommended minimum for your motorcycle. In addition to legal protection, it takes into account a civil liability guarantee. The latter protects you in the event of damage (bodily or material) caused to a third party during an accident. In addition, the winterization option allows you to make some savings on the cost of your insurance compared to a classic formula.

The guarantee level is actually limited for part of the year. Don’t hesitate to subscribe motorcycle insurance at Solly Azar to benefit from the best reduction and drive with complete peace of mind. However, the third party insurance does not cover damages that the driver himself has suffered. As a result, Solly Azar provides you with a complete offer so that you can benefit from optimal protection.

Choose third party insurance plus

If you are looking for a higher level of guarantee, you can choose the third plus formula. This is an intermediate motorcycle insurance that offers other additional coverages such as theft, fire, glass breakage, etc. Third party plus insurance is often expensive.

However, it is possible to adapt this type of leasing by integrating other more or less useful options depending on your driving habits. Among these are driver protection, 0 km assistance etc. Similarly, winter insurance makes it possible to suspend certain guarantees during the winter.

In this case, you can maintain either civil liability and some warranties or only civil liability. That covers that can be terminated are those related to driving. This is the driver’s personal guarantee, theft and fire, equipment, loan of handlebars, damage to all accidents or materials.

Take out all-risk insurance

All-risk motorcycle cover is the most expensive offer. On the other hand, it allows you to benefit from a better level of protection.
In other words, it takes into account all the guarantees: material damage to your motorcycle, equipment guarantees, personal injury, replacement value guarantee, etc.

You also have the option of taking out several options to get personal insurance that matches your profile.

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