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Nice as an “example” of a city where it is “good to live with your dog” for other municipalities in France

For the second consecutive year, the city of Nice tops the magazine’s list 30 Million friends which has established for six years the ranking of cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants where “it is good to live with your dog”. Once again, Henry-Jean Servat is proud. The municipal councilor responsible for animal protection confided last year that he wanted to keep this place.

In one year, things have changed regarding the place of dogs in Nice: city officials can now come to work in the office with their dog, the tram welcomes all dogs regardless of size, a second beach for dogs is open and kibbles are distributed to homeless people who own dogs. In the announced and future projects, the brigade specializing in animal abuse “whose training is in the process of being done” should be launched “next year”.

“A third beach and spaces to run your dog in the city center”

“We are looking at the concrete actions, which have already been put in place, explains Katia Renard, editor-in-chief of the magazine, present in Nice to award the prize. In all, about thirty criteria were evaluated in five different themes (accessibility, cleanliness, awareness, commitment and free cats). The appointment of an elected official is also part of the elements that we observe. We could see that the work of Henry-Jean Servat and his team removed the last obstacles because Nice has always been close to the podium.

Henry-Jean Served with the prize awarded by Katia Renard (right), editor-in-chief of the magazine 30 Millions d’amis – E. Martin / ANP / 20 Minutes

Even at the top of the rankings, the city did not get a “20/20”, the magazine gave it a score of 18.5/20. Katia Renard resumes: “There is always room for manoeuvre. And then, you can always hope for the best for your animal. »

The city councilor and his team still have many projects in mind to win this title again in the next edition. “We would like a third beach but also allow animal owners to run them in large green spaces, even in the city center, once these parks are closed, for example. »

A ranking for sharing ideas

In the hall of the town hall then fuse ideas of “canine crèche” to “drop his dog during visits to monuments” and “feline behaviorists”. Initiatives sometimes already tested in other municipalities.

“The purpose of this ranking is not to point out the cities that are not making an effort. On the contrary, it is to allow those in research to share with them what exists, to show them the example, so that in turn, they can set up such initiatives, specifies the editor-in-chief of the magazine. Afterwards, we must also make the owners responsible. Cities will be able to do whatever they want, the efforts must also come from them. »

For her, the dog is the “Troyes horse of the rest of the living”. These actions could then be extended to cats, an element which is already part of the criteria for the prize list. “As soon as we are sensitive to an animal, we are sensitive to the rest of the animals but also to the vegetation. It’s a whole movement to raise awareness,” concludes the editor-in-chief.



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