Nice story. Ollie, the dog rescued from sewage!.

Thanks to the intervention of English rescuers, a very awkward dog was able to get out of the critical situation in which she had gotten herself entangled. Its owners, fortunately, reacted in time!

Rescue of a clumsy dog ​​who fell into a sewer

Out and about, the dog Ollie found herself in very bad shape: her owners found her stuck at the bottom of a sewer!


Ollie, who comes from a British family based in Hampshire, is an inquisitive and lively dog. But his taste for adventure could have cost him dearly.

The dog has indeed gone wandering around her home and it was after an hour of absence that her owners began to worry about not seeing her return. Having started looking for her, they finally found her at the bottom of their garden: the poor dog had fallen into a sewer and was stuck there.

Immediately, the Hampshire fire & rescue animal rescue team was alerted to pull Ollie out of his trap. Neighbors in the neighborhood were asked not to flush the toilet during the intervention, in order to ensure the safety of the rescuers and the dog.

Ollie, who remained very calm throughout the rescue operation, was able to be extracted from his hole. Unharmed, the dog obviously did not suffer from her fall. But his rescuers and masters, although satisfied with this happy ending, suffered… nostrils! After all that time in a sewer, the clumsy animal didn’t smell like roses!

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