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Nidhal Saadi will be the new face of BH Assurance

A multi-hatted talent, Nidhal Saadi combines the activities of an actor, TV host, producer and now becomes the new face of BH Assurance, a pioneer in digital insurance.

In its desire to be a citizen insurance company that listens to its customers and offers them simple and accessible customized products, BH Assurance has decided to blend its image with Nidhal Saadi with pride.

Through this partnership, BH assurance consolidates its strategy of transforming the insurance landscape and innovating to improve the lives of its customers on a daily basis. In particular, this agreement contributes to strengthening the brand’s visibility with a wider and increasingly connected public.

“The message we want to convey is that insurance must have a human face and must be present at all times, especially in the most difficult times, the most difficult times,” says Dalila Bader, DG BH Assurance.

And Nidhal Saadi declared: “I am happy to belong to the BH Assurance family. It is not just any name, it is a very big name. I like to associate my name, my image, my skills and my commitment with BH Assurance ”.



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