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Nightmare in the kitchen: Philippe Etchebest takes a radical decision following this boss who sets fire to his restaurant

If we are used to seeing Philippe Etchebest come to the rescue of a restaurant owner. This time, it was not the case, it was the latter’s son, Gabriel, 12, who called. On M6 this Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Philippe Etchebest came to the aid of Raphaël, owner of an establishment in the episode of Nightmare in the kitchen. But what is happening in this restaurant to call on the best worker in France?

Nightmare in the kitchen: A first for Philippe Etchebest!

In an episode of the show Cauchemar in the kitchen, chef Philippe Etchebest went to meet Raphaël. The latter is a restorer of an establishment located in La Chapelle-Launay in Loire-Atlantique. Because of his restaurant which was in very bad shape, his son, Gabriel called the chef. To be more precise, the restaurant hadn’t paid a salary for five years.

On last week’s episode of Cauchemar en cuisine, Philippe Etchebest made a discovery. In particular the dirtiest kitchen of the show’s history. This time, the leader will find himself in an even worse situation. Indeed, there is grime on all cooking appliances. What the starred chef will not forget to mention to the restaurateur in relation to his responsibilities.

Philippe Etchebest auctions the last dishes

As he is used to doing, the facilitator began by noting the damage. This when the restaurant appears full. To do this, he brought in dozens of customers. To his complete surprise, nothing went as planned. Of course, the service was catastrophic. On one side, a waitress who doesn’t know what she’s doing. And on the other side, a boss who sets fire to the fireplace. In short, nothing was conclusive for Philippe Etchebest. It was really the Nightmare in the kitchen.

No more dishes came out of the kitchen. Which led the Cauchemar en cuisine host to a game. He organized a auction with the remaining dishes. “It’s the first one who raises a finger who is served” he shouted to the customers who died of hunger. “Attention ladies next issue, get ready” he continued. Fortunately, the situation was resolved, and Raphaël and his team regained calm.

Nightmare in the kitchen: the restaurateur looks a lot like an actor

Many enjoyed this episode of Nightmare in the kitchen. As always, surprises and pressures were always there. But during this sequence, another detail also caught the attention of viewers. It was about the restaurateur, Raphael, that the show’s fans commented this time around.

Indeed, according to some fans on Twitter, Raphaël, the restaurant owner looked like the actor Patrick Timsit. Many people have commented on Cauchemar en cuisine in relation to this remark. There are those who said that the boss was a look-alike of Patrick Timsit bald. And others who especially found the resemblance with the voice especially.



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