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No, this dog was not knocked over in Lorient: beware of the scam! – Lorient

“I hit this puppy with my truck in Lorient. He’s alive but he can’t hold on. I feel so unhappy. I took him to the vet. He’s not chipped. I know someone is looking for it. Bump please this post to help me find this owner”. This publication, which has been circulating on Facebook since Monday, January 9, has challenged many Internet users. The image of the little dog, with its damaged paw and its sad look, leaves Of course you don’t care.

But it’s a scam. The Facebook page “Pattes en cavale 56” sounded the alarm on Tuesday, January 10. She denounces “villains” who have “targeted many sides of Morbihan”. According to her, “their aim is only to play on the sensitive chord and communicate with you in a private message! Definitely to make you participate in veterinary bills”.

Reportedly overturned in Ajaccio, Valenciennes, Strasbourg…

The scam is actually quite easy to flush out. First, the account used to publish the message, created in Ella Schmidt’s name, is very suspicious. And then we see very quickly that this type of publication abounds on Facebook. The text is completely identical. Only the city changes. So if we are to believe Ella Schmidt, she knocked over this puppy in Lorient, but also Ajaccio, Valenciennes, Grasse, Compiègne, Périgueux, Saumur, Thionville, Strasbourg or even Maubeuge. Admit it’s an accident!

Photo taken in 2018 in New York

In fact, a quick search on the Internet reveals that the dog in question was photographed very far from Lorient or Maubeuge … in New York. And the snapshot does not go back to this week. This is a New York City Police Facebook post from December 14, 2018. At the time, two dogs were thrown out of a car window in the middle of a freeway.



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