Nupes submits a complaint to the Constitutional Council

La Nupe’s counterattack. Two days after its final adoption in the Folketing, the a-kassereform still does not appeal to Nupes, who have decided to file an appeal with the Constitutional Council to challenge the entire bill. on establishing emergency measures regarding the functioning of the labor market with a view to full employment “, he explains in a press release. The bill paves the way for a graduation of unemployment insurance according to the economic situation. The left-wing parliamentary groups believe that ” this bill violates the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, especially the principle of fraternity “.

La Nupes condemns a “loss of rights”

According to the Left Alliance. the government’s ability to decide by decree on the rules for unemployment insurance without restrictions and without the social partners questioning the right of workers to participate in the collective determination of their working conditions “.

Left-wing MPs say the government ” carries a major attack on the principle of fraternity by conditioning the best social protection of some of the unemployment insurance scheme on the involuntary loss of employment of others. »

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New arbitration proceedings scheduled for Monday

La Nupes finally condemns loss of rights for employees on fixed-term or temporary contracts who refuse two permanent contracts “. U…

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