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On the way through Béziers, Frédéric Boccara, member of the National PC: “The reform of the unemployment insurance is a scandal and it is irrelevant”

Frédéric Boccara, member of the national executive committee of the PC, was together with the Biterrois communists, Nicolas Cossange and Aimé Couquet, on Friday 25 November to lead a debate around the issue of pensions and employment in particular.

“We have launched a big campaign on employment because behind the question of what we produce, how we produce it, education… But it comes up against what our society is, where capital dominates”developer Frédéric Boccara, member of the National Executive Committee of the PC, on the road on Friday November 25 in Béziers, where he moderated a debate with the local PC.

Faced with the flexibility that Macron advocates, he instead argues for the idea of ​​”job security and training”. The A cashier form: “It’s scandalous and irrelevant. We need qualified people.” When the situation is better: “You have to train!”. And to propose “a graduation of contributions to make companies that cut employment and training pay more”.

“A showdown with capital”

Another favorite subject of this economist who works in public statistics, head of the PCF’s economic commission: pensions. Which comes up against, here again, capital. “They want us to believe that it’s a demographic issue, but GDP will also increase, but capital will earn interest and will have profits. So we are in for a while with capital.”. An expression that gave its title to a book written by Frédéric Boccara, published in February 2020.

An eminent political meeting, of course. And topics, such as employment and the economy, which are considered particularly relevant here in Béziers by the elected communist from Biterrois Nicolas Cossange.

Frédéric Boccara passed through the town of Riquet for a short day to promote the ideas of his party. Before we returned to Paris. He announced “a pension counter-reform” which will be carried by the PCs. As well as a series of public meetings in Hérault in January.



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