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On your marks! Ready? Brick! The Alter Lego association organizes its first monthly workshop in Creuse

The Alter Lego association has just been established and is already offering its first workshop. It will be held this Sunday, November 13 at the MJC in La Souterraine (Creuse).

The goal is to gather brick enthusiasts once a month during a workshop that gives glory to creativity. The Alter Lego project is based on a simple idea: limitations feed creativity.

Creativity as a leitmotif

Félix Beaudouin, the workshop leader, explains the principle:

Each participant uses a single commercial Lego box to produce an original creation. We do not follow the proposed model… Here we seek to mobilize our inventive skills

Such a creation is called an “alternate” and is a recognized colloquialism within the Lego community.

“I want young people to maintain their creative drive and adults who may have forgotten to find it,” says Félix. I think too many people tell themselves they’re not creative, and I don’t think that’s true. We all have this potential within us, and Legos are a great way to activate it,” he concludes.

Express your personality

In its own measure, the association thus wants to help remove young and old people from their screens and at the same time give them the opportunity to express their personality.

In the association’s name, the wordplay with alter ego is not the result of coincidence. “I hope that we will form a beautiful group with values ​​of mutual help and trust”, continues the facilitator.

Collaboration and sharing

The association’s organization aims for this goal of collecting the bricks that were used during the workshop. Each comes with its own box (worth 10 to 25 euros) and these are distributed among the members by a playful system. So we all have access to many more different Legos than by remaining isolated.

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Five kilos of figures, dozens of sets and photos: he tells stories with his Lego

Each member will potentially be able to create from twelve different models each year. There is also a kitty system for replacing lost parts.

How to participate?

You haven’t made Lego since you were 12, but you know you’d still like it? Is your teenager a Lego enthusiast? Contact Félix, he will explain everything to you! The workshop is open to everyone from the age of 9, but children under the age of 16 must be accompanied. There are limited places and you must register to participate, although those who are curious are welcome.
Contact: Felix Beaudouin at




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