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“On your trees, get ready, plant”: come and plant 200 meters of hedges for biodiversity!


Meeting point

Ecocentre of Lyon, 60 chemin du Jacquemet, 69890 La Tour-de-Salvagny

The planting of hedges and trees, restoration of waterholes and vegetation along streams shall promote the development of biodiversity. On November 26, Metropolis invites Lyon and partner associations to a participatory project to plant 200 meters of hedges at La-Tour-de-Salvagny.

The Métropole de Lyon, the association Arthropologia and la-Tour-de-Salvagny are organizing a day around the tree on Saturday 26 November. The main purpose of this event, a participatory project to plant a 200 meter hedge consisting of local and diversified species. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced gardener, you can participate by signing up for one of the morning or afternoon sessions.

During the day, workshops are organized around trees and biodiversity. Learn the techniques of cuttings, tree pruning or learn to choose plant varieties to restore biodiversity in your garden.

Click here to register for the “Get Your Trees, Sit, Plant!” Day. »

  • The Participatory Hedge Planting Project is open to all.

    © Arthropologia

42 km to biodiversity marathon

This operation marks the symbolic start of the biodiversity marathon. This call for projects launched by Métropole de Lyon aims to plant 42 km of hedges and vegetation along the banks of waterways and create 42 ponds in the area by 2026. The aim is to enhance what is known as the “turquoise fabric”, a natural environment that offers a favorable habitat for species that divide their life cycle between aquatic, moist and dry environments such as amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders) and certain insects (blackflies and water bugs).

This initiative is available to all private individuals (individuals, farmers, companies, etc.) and public. You will find all the information to present a project at

Métropole supports the greening of condominiums

Planting trees has many benefits: it refreshes the city, improves air quality and the living environment, serves as a shelter for insects, etc. This is why Metropolis Lyon supports various initiatives that go in this direction. In particular, it can finance part of the tree planting projects in private owner-occupied apartments.

Visit to find out more.



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