On your words, get ready, speak! An oratory competition on Thursday 24 November in Lorient – Lorient

Oratory contests are usually more of a business for law students. This is the observation made by “Beaux Parleurs – éloquence”, a young association from Lorient, which has set itself the goal of “democratizing and popularizing the exercise for all students”, as explained by Laurent Sartre, its president. After a first edition in April 2022, the association is back in action this autumn. Around twenty students from different fields (history, letters but also science) took part in the selections, which were held on 14 November. “They wanted to show off, to be eloquent,” commented Laurent Sartre. Twelve competitors will appear in the final on Thursday 24 November. Everyone will have six to eight minutes to talk about the climate crisis, phantom threats, university politics, success and competence, or freedom of expression. It’s up to you. The students will be judged on content, form and “their ability to capture an audience” by a jury consisting of the vice president of UBS, an elected official from Lorient, a lawyer, an actor and the winner of the first edition, David Niang .

Eloquence speaks well, making the power of speech coexist with gesture.

Grab attention

“Eloquence is speaking well, which makes the power of speech coexist with gestures,” explains Laurent Sartre. And it works. The association has set up courses. To improve the construction of speech in the company of a lawyer, professor at the law school in Vannes. To complete the eloquence unit, work on the demonstrative aspect with an actor from Vannes (and former professor at the University of Bordeaux). This Thursday, anyone who wishes will be able to participate in these verbal competitions. The association especially invited high school students from Dupuy-de-Lôme to come and discover the oratorical talents of these students. In the cave it is a matter of sensitizing them and encouraging them to do the same. “We want to help high school students speak.” In the perspective of the French matriculation exam or the big oral. But also “so they understand that we can capture attention with eloquence, and that can count in everyday life”.

Interregional competition

Fine Speakers – eloquence is not intended to be limited to this competition alone. She aims higher. Its ambition: to create an interregional university competition in which the smooth speakers of the academies of the great west and Auvergne, where a similar association also exists, would compete. Lorient and its Grand Théâtre could even host this grand finale in June 2023. The project was “very well received”, says Laurent Sartre. To give substance to its project, the Lorient association has entered into partnerships with the Academy of Rennes or the City of Lorient in particular. Until then, who will succeed David Niang? Answer Thursday, November 24, 2022.


Speech competition, this Thursday 24 November 2022, from 14:00 to 16:30, François-Chappé amphitheater at UBS, rue Jean Zay. FREE ENTRY.

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