One in four French people do not want an animal due to lack of budget

The funds needed to maintain an animal have increased drastically since 2020, pushing the French to think twice before adopting one, reports France Bleu.


The total budget for caring for an animal (including food) is on average 943 euros.

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pIf the French experience inflation in the shopping basket, it is also the case when they have to go through the pet food department. According to an Ifop survey for the website, seen by France Bleu, three out of four French people have noticed a significant increase in food for dogs, cats or other pets. The overall budget – care and veterinary costs included – has thus increased by 125 euros per year on average compared to 2020 and reached 943 euros. Too expensive for some French people who simply prefer not to take pets even if they are dying.

In fact, again according to this survey, 24% of the French (almost a quarter) have already given up this year or in recent years to buy or adopt a pet because the costs of care and food (which is equivalent to 643 euros per average annual budget) is too high. What animal welfare associations welcome: it is better not to adopt a cat or a dog if you cannot afford it financially. This limits the cases of abandonment.

7% of the French have abandoned their pets this year

For people who have already had a pet for some time, it’s a different story. The current economic crisis is pushing some to give it up and others to seriously consider it. Thus, according to the Ifop survey, 7% of French people have admitted to abandoning their pets in the last 12 months, and another 7% plan to do so soon.

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It should be noted that this study was conducted among 2,005 adults and representative of the French population. 1,036 respondents owned at least one pet.

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