Only the most discerning of people can spot the cat in this picture. Only 2% of people have been successful

Only the most discerning of people can spot the cat in this picture. Only 2% of the editors have been successful.

We know you like visual challenges. That’s why we’ve prepared another one for you. Are you ready? 1… 2… 3… let’s go!

This challenge is made for good observers. Test yourself and see if you’re in the pickiest 2%.

Here’s a short video to start the warm-up:

Back to today’s test:

The cat is in the dressing room

The picture shows a classic women’s wardrobe. Hangers with loads of clothes of all kinds, pieces of fabric come out of the cupboards and shoes lie on the floor.

There are also handbags, jewelry and hats.

There is a mix of colors and a four-legged friend is hiding somewhere between the objects.

But where is it stored?

To pass this test, you must find the cat in less than 10 seconds. It’s short, but not impossible!!!

Full Challenge Image:

Images / Awesome Guru


How did you do with this challenge?

Already have an idea where the cat is hiding?

With such challenges, it is best to look at the image in small areas.

Pay close attention to all details.

Always nothing?

We tell you where the little cat is hidden below.

The solution to the puzzle

If you haven’t found the cat, here is the solution to the puzzle. The little kitten is well hidden.

We just hope none of the things in the cabinet came into contact with his claws…

If you managed to complete the challenge, congratulations, and if you didn’t find the cat in less than 10 seconds, keep practicing!

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