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Only these 5 cat breeds are considered the smartest

For decades, cats have been considered quite intelligent animals, although their behavior and cognitive abilities are not easily measurable. There are no official tests to determine the intelligence level of cats, so researchers struggle to give a clear answer to the question.

Cats would indeed have cognitive abilities similar to humans and other animals, but their intelligence would be very different.

Cats have unique characteristics that set them apart from other species, including their ability to learn by observation and their ability to solve complex problems.

The Abyssinians

Abyssinian cat breed

Abyssinians are a very popular cat breed that originated in Southeast Asia. Researchers from the University of Helsinki claim that these felines are highly intelligent and curious. They explore every corner of their living space and like to be mentally stimulated to keep their minds busy.

These cats also have undeniable qualities: they are independent, but also very cute and friendly with other animals and children who are sufficiently prepared for their company.

The Bengals

smart bengal kittens
Adorable Bengal kittens

These cats are very expressive and need to communicate with those around them. They also have a strong temperament and are highly intelligent. They love games and having fun.

Furthermore, they are recognizable by their striped fur and their well-furnished tail.

Bengals are very active and intelligent cats that need stimulation to stay well behaved and happy. Equipped with a strong temperament, they do not hesitate to communicate with those around them and want to have fun with their owners.

They are very expressive animals, easily recognizable by their striped fur and long tail.

Burmese people

smart Burmese cat
A beautiful sacred cat from Burma

Burmese are known for their silky skin and thick, shiny fur. They are very calm and love to sit on their owners’ laps. They are very sociable and need a lot of attention and affection to be happy.

Burmese sacred cats are known for their intelligence and curiosity. They like to explore their environment and find out what is around them.

These adorable cats are very dynamic and need regular exercise to maintain optimal health. In addition, they are very affectionate and offer a comforting presence.

Birmas are very special cats that are loved by many people. Thanks to their sensitivity and intelligence, they are the perfect partners for all members of the family. They are very sociable and love to play and chat with their owners.


intelligent Siamese cat
Smart Cat Breed: Siamese

Siamese are very sociable and playful cats that constantly seek attention and affection. They are highly intelligent and respond well to human emotions. They can also be very intuitive and will know when someone is angry or upset.

Siamese are very meticulous and like to have a clean and organized environment. They are very alert and pay attention to the smallest detail. They can also be very affectionate and will appreciate hugs and cuddles.

The Scottish fold

smart scottish fold kitten
Adorable intelligent kittens of the Scottish Fold breed

Scottish Folds are an intelligent cat breed with a curious nature and high learning abilities. They will enjoy being entertained with toys that will stimulate them mentally. In addition to playing with puzzles, their masters can encourage them to find hidden treats, jump through hoops and learn tricks. Skill and coordination games are also a great way to give them mental exercise.

Scottish Folds are very sociable cats who love to be surrounded by their family. They love to play and interact with their owners. Play sessions can be a great way to spend time together and promote their mental development. Games and activities that challenge their mental abilities and physical skills can keep them healthy and entertained between naps.

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