Our tips that will allow you to continue eating raclette without gaining a gram!

With these little slimming tips, it will be easy for you to turn your next raclette into a healthy, low-calorie meal!

Raclette is the perfect dish for all your winter evenings, but it is far from the best recipe for your diet. If you want to pamper yourself while paying attention to your line, it is possible.

In fact, we have some small tips that will allow you to continue eating raclette this winter without gaining a single gram. So quickly go below to discover them!

Turning raclette into a slimming dish this winter is possible!

Now that winter is starting to set in and the temperatures are dropping more and more, you don’t necessarily want to keep eating green salads every night.

So you’re definitely craving warm, comforting cheese dishes. It is not for nothing that raclette is one of the most consumed meals during the winter season.

Only this meal based on cheese and charcuterie is not ideal when you are on a diet or you are simply paying attention to your line. But don’t worry, just because you’re working hard to get a flat stomach doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

It actually turns out that it is now possible to turn raclette into a healthy and low-calorie dish. Enough to allow you to enjoy good times with your friends without having to limit or deprive yourself.

Pay attention to the choice of cheese and charcuterie to reduce calories

You know it, but raclette is a fairly simple dish consisting of three main ingredients. The latter thus naturally includes cheese but also charcuterie and potatoes. To reduce the recipe’s calories, you will first be able to shop for the cheese you will use.

In fact, raclette cheese is not the only one that melts perfectly. You can find less rich options, such as cancoillotte for example. As for toppings, you can also limit the calories.

For example, you can avoid fatty products such as sausage and replace them with meat from the Grisons or ham. Choices that will be healthier. Finally, it is also possible to replace the potatoes with vegetables.

The latter, much lighter, has no calories. You can then try mushrooms or even zucchini and tomatoes. It can also be an opportunity to discover completely new flavors. So you know what you have left for your next night out with friends!

Perfect winter dishes to achieve your slimming goals without sacrificing yourself

You know it, but it’s much harder to achieve your weight loss goals during the winter. In fact, the recipes this season are often heavy and quite rich. However, there are some very comforting low-calorie winter dishes. This is especially the case with pot au feu.

Therefore, this recipe is ideal if you pay attention to your line. Pot au feu will consist mainly of vegetables and broth. Provided you manage to stay reasonable on your portion of meat, it is a dish that is ideal for easy weight loss.

The gratin dauphinois is also not that high in calories, provided it is served with a small green salad, and not as a side dish. Thanks to our tips, you will be able to eat a raclette without feeling guilty for days afterwards. So don’t wait too long to treat yourself to this delicious dish!

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