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Over 70 dogs rescued from trash home

“A sludge of feces has completely taken over this house. This is how the Animal Assistance Foundation (FAA) describes the Maisons-Alfort pavilion (Val-de-Marne) in which it intervened this Monday morning for an operation to seize dogs carried out jointly with the services of the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of Populations. Around 40 dogs were spotted living in unsanitary conditions.

But on the spot, the FAA teams discover a situation beyond their imagination. “It’s an apocalyptic scene of a layer of filth mixed with animal filth exploding in our faces,” says the press release, which continues: “A thick film of urine and feces lines the floor of this house ravaged by defilement. »

“The hair tangled and dripping with molasses”

Despite its deplorable state, the pavilion is inhabited by a couple who “live there in total indifference of discernment” and who accumulate pedigree dogs without taking care of them. In the end, 65 dogs and 8 puppies were rescued by the FAA and then placed in shelters in the Ile-de-France region. They were completely neglected by their owners, as noted by the foundation’s teams: “The hair tangled and dripping with molasses variegated with piss and excrement, the disproportionately neglected nails, the eyes for some eaten away by conjunctivitis, the ears clogged with scabs and eczema. »

The interior of the pavilion. -FAA

But for these dogs, the ordeal is over and the FAA calls “all citizens with a big heart and who can to come and adopt an animal”. She also concludes: “After a complicated life course, this is the best gift we can give them! »



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