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Owner or renter, bet on Leocare to save money

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A tenant and a landlord do not have the same obligations in terms of insurance. People who rent must insure the accommodation they occupy. For owners, the situation is different. They are free to take out or not take out guarantees, provided they are not under the joint ownership scheme. Because every profile is unique. There are several types of insurance, namely multi-risk formulas and PNO formulas, non-resident owner. How to make the right choice? What offers does Leocare offer? Here’s everything you need to know to get the right warranties.

Insuring your home: what does the law say?

  • You own and live in a home

If you own a home and you live in it, you should know that nothing obliges you to insure this property. However, in the event of material damage and personal injury, you are responsible and must pay compensation for all damages. This is why, in the vast majority of cases, owners choose multi-risk home insurance. This covers walls, furniture and all the people who live in the home. There are several levels of guarantees. It is up to you to define your needs and your budget before subscribing to an offer.

  • You own an apartment

Since 1 January 2015, according to the ALUR Act, all co-owners must assume civil liability as a minimum. This obligation applies to both residents and non-residents. Please note that certain guarantees can be provided by the cooperative. To know them, it is necessary to refer to the contract or the applicable regulations.

  • You are the owner and you rent a home

If you are the owner but do not live in your home, the insurance is only mandatory if your property is part of a shared ownership and this, regardless of whether it is rented out or not. If you want to insure rented accommodation, you can choose a non-resident owner-landlord insurance. These formulas are called PNO. They are designed so that they do not duplicate the guarantees that the tenants will take out. It should be noted that although NPO insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. In fact, renting out a property often happens as part of an investment. Insurance of this property secures the investment.

If you are a tenant, you have no choice: you must insure your home. A certificate of insurance must be given to the owner at the signing of the lease and every year thereafter. If the tenant does not insure the home he lives in, the landlord must send him an opening letter. He can choose to take out home insurance and ask his tenant for a refund. He can also terminate the lease. In this case, the termination clause is specified in the lease (or lease).

Choose the right home insurance at Leocare

At Leocare, regardless of whether you are a tenant or owner, you can find home insurance adapted to your needs and especially to any obligations that concern you. All formulas include civil liability.

  • Leocare multi-risk home insurance

Multi-risk home insurance offers 3 levels of cover, namely Eco, Medium and Premium. The Eco formula is the basic offer. It does not protect against electrical damage, but provides protection against fire, water damage, natural disasters, climatic and technological disasters and attacks. The market value is between €3,000 and €7,000. That of valuables can reach €700.

The Medium and Premium offers offer all the guarantees of the Eco formula, plus protection against electrical damage, theft, vandalism and glass breakage. In the first formula, the collateral is between €7,000 and €11,000 and the value between €700 and €2,200. In the second, the collateral is between €11,000 and €15,000 and the value between €2,200 and €4,500.

Many options are added according to the needs of each household. It is possible to take out school insurance to protect your children in the event of injuries caused or suffered at school, high school or high school. Note that if one of your children continues their studies, Leocare school insurance covers them until they are 25 years old. It is also possible to choose compensation for the amount of repairs to your household and high-tech appliances up to the purchase price in the event of damage or to cover travel costs for a repairman. If you need to call in a locksmith, plumber, electrician or even a glazier, know that you are covered. People who ski every year can activate the Leocare snow card insurance. It covers the whole family in the event of an accident on the ski slopes up to €5,000.

The PNO formula is intended for non-resident owners. This contract also includes civil liability. It provides protection against fire, water damage, natural disasters, climatic and technological disasters, theft, vandalism and attacks. In addition, policyholders can activate several options such as protection of movable property in the event of damage if you rent a furnished apartment, or the glass breakage guarantee on a veranda.

To take advantage of Leocare home insurance, simply download the application. Easy to use, it also allows you to adjust all the options included in the contract and to take out other guarantees. Choosing Leocare means choosing 100% digital insurance that is both efficient and ecological. In addition, the rates are 25% cheaper.



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