Devil’s Advocates – How Fofana Exhausted His Defense

Reserved for subscribers They defend the worst criminals. ” How can we ? we often say. Meeting with certain lawyers of the “leader” of the barbarian gang, murderer of Ilan Halimi. Me Isabelle Coutant-Peyre assisted Youssouf Fofana during his trial at the assizes, before he challenged her. © Romain GAILLARD/REA / Romain GAILLARD/REA FOR “LE … Read more

Iran and Venezuela strengthen their partnership against the United States

Nearly 12,000 kilometers, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean separate them. But Iran and Venezuela have consolidated and perpetuated their strategic and political proximity, during the visit of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, Saturday, June 11, to Iran, after Algeria and Turkey. Its calendar owed nothing to chance and constituted in itself a snub to … Read more

the lawyer sentenced for “concealed work” and “dismissal without real cause” – Release

Info “Libé” Article reserved for subscribers The tenor of the bar, who is already the subject of an ethics investigation by the Paris Bar Council, was sanctioned on April 4 by the industrial tribunal of Creil, for having “voluntarily concealed salaried employment” of his concierge whom he charged with the upkeep of his apartment. If … Read more

Minimal agreement for better firearms regulation, Joe Biden welcomes “important progress”

A deal at least was signed on Sunday in the United States between Republican and Democratic senators for better supervision of firearms. In the process, Joe Biden, the American president, welcomed the “insufficient but “important” “advances”. This agreement, which comes after several dozen mass shootings in recent weeks, including in Buffalo and Uvalde, will still … Read more

News | USA: minimal agreement on firearms between Republican and Democratic senators

Sunday 06/12/2022 at 6:16 p.m. – Updated at 6:19 p.m. News By La Provence (with AFP) Twenty American senators, Republicans and Democrats, announced Sunday an agreement on several provisions to better regulate the use of firearms, minimal measures after recent killings that shocked the United States. These measures, which require a supermajority to be approved … Read more

Hilary Swank finds a young woman’s dog

PostedJune 12, 2022, 5:19 PM The Blue Dachshund wandered to a filming location in Albany, New York, where the actress picked him up. Blue’s owner saw Hilary Swank arrive in a car with her dog in her lap. IMAGO/NurPhoto Hilary Swank recently found a young woman’s dog while filming a movie in Albany, New York. … Read more