Do cats really like to sleep with us?

They are said to be cold and haughty. However, many videos can attest to the deep attachment that can exist between a cat and its master. The fact that they sleep on us is also proof of that, isn’t it? Why do cats sleep on us? It’s just to keep warm, cry those who don’t … Read more

“The terms of the oath do not apply to me”

Who is appearing today? Fabrice the media zebulon, the entertainer of TV sets, the compulsive twitto who investigates “asshole” per kilometer, the political juggler rallied to Marine Le Pen? Or master Di Vizio, the swordsman of the courtrooms, opponent number 1 to health restriction measures in times of Covid – according to him liberticides – … Read more

Stray cats threaten biodiversity on the island of Bréhat, the town hall reacts

The island of Bréhat (Côtes d’Armor) wants to fight against the proliferation of stray cats. Too numerous, these animals represent a danger for the biodiversity on the island, explains Olivier Carré, mayor of Bréhat. “Many species of birds” are thus threatened; affirmed the elected official France 3 Brittany. Help for cat owners To solve the … Read more

How do dog and cat owners cope with inflation?

By Briac Trebert Published on 28 Sep 22 at 18:14 News See my news Follow this media The Toulouse ATPA-SPA is facing a very large wave of animal abandonment. (©Illustration / Wikipedia)) Many everyday products are affected by rising prices and food for our pets don’t escape it. In question, the price of raw materials … Read more

Dog Adopted From Shelter Returns The Favor To His Owners By Saving Them From House Fire

Dogs are naturally endowed with a protective instinct. Wilbur, by his nickname, is also a breed of canine created to guard houses. And he put his genetic heritage at the service of his new masters who had also saved him a few months earlier. Illustrative photo Wilbur is a one-year-old Rhodesian-Ridgeback dog. He had been … Read more