Real or fake Basquiat? The FBI seizes 25 works from the Museum of Art in Orlando, USA

The FBI has seized 25 works attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat and exhibited in Florida, their authenticity appearing doubtful, we learned on Saturday from the Orlando Museum of Art. The museum, which exhibited them, complied on Friday with an FBI request to have access to the exhibition Heroes and Monsters: Jean-Michel Basquiat and the works are … Read more

Physical activity: The best post-workout foods

Providing your body with nutrient-dense calories is an important part of keeping up the energy to move. But can your post-workout snack choices actually help you get more benefits from exercise? Yes, what you eat after exercise (and what foods you eat the rest of the day) definitely affects how your body responds to physical … Read more

Disappearance of Marion 25 years ago in Agen: her parents’ lawyer writes to the judge to study the trail of “Grêlé”

the essential On November 14, 2021, it has been 25 years since little Marion disappeared in Agen. Between his school and his home, barely 400 meters where this drama took place. On the BFM TV set, the historic lawyer for Marion’s parents took stock without hiding the many problems of this file. As for the … Read more