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Panettones, bottles of champagne and cakes for dogs: the gifts to put under the tree are more and more varied for our animals

5 days from Christmas Eve, some are still looking for the presents they want to put under the tree. And apparently many dogs and cats will find one too. Indeed, there is no doubt that too many owners forget about their pets, which they consider a member of their family. And there is no shortage of ideas to pamper them…

In Mons, Katia picks up her order, enough to treat her pet Enia for Christmas. “I feel that he is an integral part of the family for me. Every Christmas he has his little one present”she explains.

Marylor did not expect such success. She sold about fifty panettones and bottles of champagne for dogs, about sixty advent calendars and a hundred stuffed animals. “It’s complicated for everyone, so I didn’t expect people to leave gifts for dogs in their ‘priorities’. Grooming and all, yes, because it’s a necessity. But gifts, not necessarily honestly.”is surprised by this manager of a grooming salon.

For the owners of Pussy and Diamond, it is impossible not to throw them a present under the tree. “Everyone has their gift: Fisse and the children. And her two playmates too”says a dog owner. “If my children have a present, she will also have her little present under the tree on Christmas Day”says another owner.

Vanessa makes organic cakes for dogs. This year it is offering a Christmas box to its customers. Lucienne ordered one for Charlie. You have 200g pumpkin, 100g carrot and 100g plain. Plus the little surprise to offer at midnight on December 24″describes the creator of biscuits for dogs.

But how much are we willing to spend on our pets this Christmas? “I don’t look like it. My dog ​​is like my baby. I live almost alone, so he’s my baby”snaps Lucienne.

For a box of 500g biscuits and a toy, 30 euros count. And despite a 20% increase in her prices due to the cost of raw materials, Vanessa finds that customers remain loyal. “When I say to customers ‘watch out, it’s gone up’, they tell me ‘but no problem, we totally understand’ and they continue because it’s their little pleasure”, notes the creator of dog biscuits. According to her, people are ready to deprive themselves of their animals. “Me, for Django, he’s the priority. That’s safe and secure.”

Vanessa estimates that she will sell about fifty Christmas boxes. She’s already thinking about what’s next: a Valentine’s Day pack of heart-shaped cookies.



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