Paris. Behind the influencer Bryan “the good plans”, a car insurance traffic network


An influencer and four other people are on trial in Paris on Monday, November 21, 2022, for selling fake car insurance. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

False assurances and real influence. This Monday, November 21, 2022 appeared in court in Paris five defendants, including an influencer, for managers oforganized gang fraud and use of document forgery. They would be involved in a traffic of fake insurance certificates resold Snapchat at favorable prices. They risk 10 years in prison for these scams.

Fake insurance for 50 euros

The influencer is Bryan J. aka Bryan les bon’s plans. He had several thousand followers on the Snapchat network. To begin with, there was nothing too offensive. Funny videos about everyday life. However, in 2020, “good deal” notifications will be added to the influencer’s account. The latter offers car insurance to 50 euroswhich in effect does not allow any refunds in the event of accidents.

A police mystery shopper

Between 2020 and 2021, hundreds of people will buy these fake certificates. The police will gradually investigate this case and send a “mystery shopper” to buy one of these certificates. The latter contacts the influencer and is offered an appointment to the Stalingrad district in Paris to get the certificate. It is another man who gives it. He is immediately arrested. All the main characters are quickly taken into police custody.

Lazy defendant

On this first day of hearings, the influencer’s accomplice took the stand and revealed a simple but effective counterfeiting circuit. If they recognize the totality of the alleged facts, they turned out not to be very talkative, due to an often failing memory, under the court’s careful gaze.

As the first element of the gear, Sarah K.*, employed in an insurance brokerage firm. She would have sold under the coat to the influencer 2,500 blank certificates. “I didn’t realize the consequences of my actions” sighs the defendant in the bar.

Between 200 and 300 euros for 100 certificates

In court, she explains that the influencer came down from her house to buy her the certificates, between 200 and 300 euros per hundred sheets. “I used the money to pay for groceries, not to live on it,” she explains. “No need for beef now that I did my liposuction,” she texted at the time of the fact, though. What raises the eyebrows of the presiding judge.

Recovered, the certificates were then forged and then printed in a regular printing house. Kamel O.* worked in the shop and is also on the dock. “I just put some sheets in the printer. You can find it everywhere!”. Like the other defendants, he does not acknowledge the fraud charges. The hearing will be held until 23 November 2022.

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*Names have been changed

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