Passers-by see a dog stuck on a balcony on the top floor and warn the fire department

In Beauvais (60), a team of firefighters rescued a dog who was in a delicate position, since he was at the edge of the window of an apartment located at 3e and top floor of a residence. The firefighters used their cherry picker to hoist themselves up to him.

About fifteen workers, between firefighters and municipal police, were mobilized to rescue a dog stuck at the top of a building in Beauvais in the Oise, reported Beauvais Observer.

The rescue took place on Tuesday, October 4 shortly before noon after the alert issued by worried passers-by. The firefighters arrived with their aerial work platform truck. The latter allowed them to reach the location of the canine in distress, which was on a balcony at 3e and top floor of the residence.

In the meantime, Beauvais municipal police officers had closed the lane concerned, rue Jeanne D’Arc in this case, to traffic to facilitate the work of the emergency services.

The quadruped was on the windowsill and could fall at any moment. Fortunately, the intervention was as quick as it was effective. The dog was recovered safely.

The dog entrusted to the SACPA

He was then entrusted to the SACPA (Assistance Society for the Control of Animal Populations) of Beauvais, in the absence of its owner. He was to be passed to the identification chip reader and taken care of while waiting to return him to his family.

Frank Piamayor of the Isarian commune, also recounted this rescue on Facebook. In his post, he thanked passers-by for alerting the emergency services.

The first city councilor who has just welcomed a young Golden Retriever by the name of Tango who will live for a year at the town hall in order to be trained as a guide dog for the blind.

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Illustration of the article: Passers-by see a dog stuck on a balcony on the top floor and warn the fire department
Frank Pia / Facebook


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