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Pension insurance requires vigilance –

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The pension insurance has been informed about the spread of fraudulent e-mails. and certain websites of regional pension funds (pension and occupational health funds) are subject to attempts to misuse their logo and content for commercial purposes.

To avoid any incident, the pension insurance invites you to:

  • use your online services from your personal space after approval;
  • do not click on a link sent in an email, but copy the site’s address into your browser. Also be aware that the presence of “s” i guarantees that you are on the official pension insurance website.
  • Pay attention to the provided number if you are invited to call your pension fund. To contact Aldersforsikringen, the single number is 39 60 (free service + call price) or the +33 9 71 10 39 60 from overseas.

Do not hesitate to report any fraudulent call or SMS on the platform dedicated to the fight against spam.

For any information, click here

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