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Pensions: Gabriel Attal and Olivier Dussopt fight back, but are ready to change the reform

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The day after the demonstration of part of the youth supported by Insoumis, the ministers Gabriel Attal and Olviier Dussopt react and discuss the future of the pension reform.

Between 1.12 and 2 million French people on the streets on Thursday, 14,000 to 150,000 young people supported by the LFI on Saturday in Paris, a new day of action on Tuesday, January 31: unions and opposition parties mobilize against the government’s pension reform plan.

On the eve of the presentation of the text in the Council of Ministers, this Monday 23 January, two ministers go to the front to calm down: Audit Minister Gabiel Attal in an interview with Parisian and Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt i Sunday newspaper. “We are not condemned to arm wrestling”, assures Gabriel Attal. Olivier Dussopt assures that he is not “afraid” that the mobilization will last.

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Current small pensions reassessed

Gabriel Attal says that he is “convinced that together we can enrich the project”. “We started doing it on choppy careers in terms of parental or care leave. On hiring seniors, here too we are very open to proposals for incentives, retraining and to see without taboo coercive measures for companies that do not play the game.”, explains Gabriel Attal i the Parisian.

For his part, Olivier Dussopt announces that current pensioners who have worked all their lives for the minimum wage will also see their pensions increased. Initially, the revaluation to €1,200 gross should only concern future pensioners. The increase will go up to €100 more per month from September 2023. The measure will be funded by the increase in employer contributions to the old age insurance industry. The minimum pension will be indexed to the development in the minimum wage.

Enrich the text yes, but on one essential condition in the eyes of the government: ensure the balance of the pension system in 2030 without increasing the taxes of the French.

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A retreat for “those who toil”

The two interviews are an opportunity for the two ministers to defend the government’s pension reform. Gabriel Attal explains that this reform is made “for those who toil and have no wealth other than the fruit of their labor”. He reminds that the pension reform project contains “concrete measures” about need, that the special schemes disappear and above all that 2 million pensioners will see their pensions increase.

Olivier Dussopt, for his part, clarifies that the goal is to “restore maximum equality”. He recalls that the reform project maintains the age for full rate at 67, creates a new right for employees who started working between 16 and 18, and that career interruptions will be better compensated.

Mélenchon is “pay-as-you-go debt”

Gabriel Attal also took the opportunity to tackle Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Insoumi’s proposal. “Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s project is pay-as-you-go debt. Work less to earn less and live less well. After him, the deluge”. Same position as Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt. “Jean-Luc Mélenchon demands a pension at age 60, but it costs 85 billion euros. The left cannot play the big guns in the demonstrations and the small guns in the debates”.



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