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Pensions, unemployment insurance: Emmanuel Macron’s tango

Tactical ball at the Elysée

Weak labor market parties and again a weakened power due to lack of absolute majority. To carry out his social reforms, Emmanuel Macron mixes audacity and prudence, on the method and on the substance, depending on the subjects and the circumstances.

Facts –

October 26 in France 2. Emmanuel Macron announces that he wants to raise the retirement age to 63 in 2025, to 64 in 2027 and to 65 in 2031. On October 25, the Senate passes the unemployment insurance bill at first reading.

As is well known, the social partners are weak. The new thing is that the executive power is also. Without an absolute majority, the President of the Republic will find it difficult to pass his reforms. In the National Assembly he encountered restless minorities and could hardly bet on social democracy to compensate for the embarrassments of political democracy. The marriage of the weak does not yield the strong, and the head of state vacillates between audacity and prudence. On a dance floor, it’s beautiful like tango. In real life, these go back and forth about the difficulty of governing during this five-year period.



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