Perpignan: insurance and license defects, greater road control at the Polygone roundabout

A traffic check took place on Friday 4 November at the roundabout at the Polygon in Perpignan.

This Friday, November 4, at the beginning of the afternoon at the Polygone roundabout in Perpignan, police officers from the departmental directorate of public security, gendarmes from the mobile squadron Sain-Etienne-lès-Remiremont arrived as reinforcements from the beginning of October, and the CRS of the zonal motorcycle unit organized a major road check.

Police and gendarmes carried out a major road check at the Polygone roundabout in Perpignan.
Nicolas Parent – The Independent

The latter also arrived as reinforcements, from 1 November to 8 November, with the main purpose of ensuring safety on the roads: “We are 13, 11 bikers and the agents of the radar car”, explains Senior Sergeant Philippe Ségala. And so far the check has been a success: “In three days we checked 18 people who didn’t have insurance. I did the calculation, it represents 8% of the checks. It’s impressive, we don’t reach that anywhere, not even in Marseille.”he wonders.

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Speeding violations are also important. Also since their arrival, the mobile CRS has reported no less than 420, almost 150 a day: “And these are no small excesses, we are regularly at 90 km/h on an axis limited to 50”states the brigade commander.

The CRS of the Zone Mobile Unit arrived as reinforcements at Perpignan on 1 November

The CRS of the Zone Mobile Unit arrived as reinforcements at Perpignan on 1 November
Nicolas Parent – The Independent

On Friday, about 200 vehicles were checked by the police: 10 errors in driver’s license, insurance or technical inspection were found, about twenty people were fined. Three vehicles were impounded and three people were arrested, including one for violating immigration laws, not having insurance and a driver’s license, and because he was the subject of a search warrant.

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