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Perwez: no more stray dogs at Sans-Collier after the fireworks

If there were many to watch the fireworks, the dogs benefited much less from the night of New Year’s Eve. Some panic and may flee when they hear the explosions. Shelters know the problem well and deal with it every year with more arrivals these days. This is the case at Sans-Collier in Perwez: “It is a recurring problem which tends to get worser”, explains Clotilde Levieuge, head of reception. “These are animals that have completely lost their orientation and come to us scared.”

This Sunday morning, a police patrol came in Brussels to hand over a dog found north of the capital. A little earlier, it was a couple from Corbais who showed up with an animal that burst into their garden after midnight.

Each time the procedure is the same: the stray dog ​​is sedated, installed in a box with fresh water. The team, which consists mainly of volunteers, also checks whether the animal has a chip that can identify its owner.

In 60 to 70% of cases, dogs gathered at Sans Collier find their master. The figure rises to 98% when the animals are microchipped. If it cannot be identified or does not appear after ten days, the animal is put up for adoption.



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