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Police ready to shoot at the protesters? The revelation of Didier Lallement!

The suppression of the demonstrations seems to want to take a new turn !

Even at the time of the Yellow Vests, the police had shown extreme firmness, even completely disproportionate in their reactions…

And all the orders were given by the former prefect of Paris, Didier Lallement.

The one known for his catchphrases as much as his escapades has just published a book, The necessary orderwhere he resumes his journey…

… before it is restored in the Maritime Ministry.

“What is your problem” ?

Authorization to shoot at protesters?

In a newspaper interview Opinion 7 November Didier Lallement takes stock of the situation in France…

and there is cause for concern !

induce the incidents at the Stade de France, the Zecler caseit was necessarily about the event that marked Lallement’s inauguration: the Yellow Vests.

The enormous popular movement born of the increase in fuel seems to have frightened the government, which, as we know, did not hesitate to enter into the most extreme repressions….

LBD fire, tear gas canisters

Many victims must be lamented in the population during these demonstrations that gather up to a million people in Paris.

And, whether at the national or international level, many voices have echoed the abuses committed by certain law enforcement agencies…

But if this was only the beginning ?

always in OpinionDidier Lallement does not hesitate to go further and talk about a potential escalation of violence…

which may prompt the security forces to fire on protesters !

Indeed, Didier Lallement says: “the day we have to open fire, we enter another dimension. It may happen one day”.

So prepare the bulletproof vests in the absence of yellow vests: The next demonstrations are announced under the sign of repression!



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