Possible new “freedom convoy” | Trudeau believes the police are ready

(Ottawa) Police forces have “learned a lot” from the 2022 version of the “freedom convoy” and should be better able to manage the arrival of a possible new convoy, Justin Trudeau said.

“I expect that the tools available to police forces will be put in place to ensure that we do not have a repeat of the occupation that has injured so many people over the last year,” Justin Trudeau said at a press conference in Vancouver on Friday. .

“I think we learned a lot and I think the police forces learned a lot from what happened last February,” he also said in response to a question from a reporter who also asked him if a appeal to The Emergency Act was immediately excluded.

One of the organizers of the “freedom convoy” that paralyzed the streets of the city center last winter, James Bauder, assured on Friday on his Facebook page that “yes, we are preparing a ‘freedom convoy’ 2023 on a national level”.

According to the plan published on social networks by this co-founder of the organization Canada Unity, vehicles from the western and eastern parts of the country would gather in Ottawa on February 17 and remain installed in the capital until February 20.

The Trudeau government invoked February 14, 2022 The Emergency Act with the goal of ridding downtown Ottawa of the trucks that had occupied it for about three weeks. It was valid for 10 days before it was lifted.

Its invocation is the subject of an investigation by the State of Emergency Commission to determine whether it was justified. Judge Paul Rouleau, who is leading the work, must submit his report to Parliament by February 20 – in a context, therefore, where a new convoy would be on its way to Ottawa.

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