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Power cuts continue despite management’s assurances – Malijet

In Mali, electricity has become a luxury for the population for several months. However, we are in the middle of the rainy season, when all thermal power plants should not feel the effect of the waning heat wave, and the hydroelectric plants are running normally.

The Malian transition seemed to have turned the energy sector on its head for a long time. Several dilapidated power plants have been declared in a position to be renovated. And as an effect, the untimely cuts could only be felt between April, May and June. Something that a good fringe of the Malian population understood by the way, who knows that the recession has an effect on hydropower plants.

But what is incomprehensible is that in full flood relief is in full swing. Worse, this situation, which the Malians condemn, is poorly explained on the side of EDM with the new director Koureichi Konaré visibly ignorant of how to act to remedy it.

Light messages of vindication parade daily on EDM’s Facebook page. A communication strategy that fails to convince customers.

Despite the announcements of reassurance of the end of cuts announced by communication from management, the cuts continue and DG Koureichi Konaré appears to have reached his limits.

Mamadou Sidibe



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